Ajopuusta kaunis kattolamppu

I may get attach to material things, especially to objects and goods that show character

Most fascinating are the objects or surfaces that reflect the past time, whisper stories and have special fragrances. I can sometimes hold old objects in my hand and wonder who has kept them before me, who might have owned them before and how many hundreds of years ago that all happened.

As I live in Denmark, I have brought from my home country only those items which raise important memories or make me feel safe. For example all objects that used to belong to my grandmoms, a wooden box found in my old house and all my books.

As an aesthetic person, environmental tones, authenticity, and scents really affect my feelings. A cold and tough environment may lull the mood and I may feel claustrophobic. New, sleek furnishings can really provoke the anxious emotions. For many people new and slick decoration  is like the fresh air, as I can quickly start feeling rather empty inside.

This table has nothing to look at! It just stands there silently in it´s perfection and I fear that my hand will leave a mark.

Home as a personal and intimite ”nest” is ofthen coming together with time by patient discovery, search, changing, trying, intuitively seeking, thoughtfully, going on with emotion. I do not really enjoy shopping at the shops, but I love flea markets and outdoor markets. They are like an endless sea of ​​secrets, you never know what’s in there and every time you enter a new flea market, everything is possible.

Beaches are also great places to find treasures

Trees, strains, mussels, rocks, seaweed and driftwood can be used in many ways in interior design. Discoveries found in the seaside have the scent of the sea and salt, and they bring the nature indoors . These wonderful findings bring the forest paths, trees and the sea straight into your living room.

Last week we were hiking on the beach called Trelde Næs when we found a great drifwood, which inspired for the idea to transform it for a ceiling lamp in the living room. The most important thing in doing the lamp was that it would be coarse, funny, and bit odd, and that the surface of the wood would not be treated in any way.

Accessories for making the lamp

1. Driftwood

2. 3 different lamps with conductors

3. Wire

4. Cable tie

5. Saw

6. Hooks

7. Cutters for cable break

8. Drill

9. Patience for balancing the tree

Making the lamp

1. We cut off part of the tree to make it more balanced.

2. We drilled three holes for lamp wires.

3. We spun the bulbs from the holes and made the stoppins from the cable ties.

4. We placed the hooks and put the cables in hooks. At this point, driftwood needs to be balanced.

5. We cut the lamp wires and cable lengths at the desired height

6. We hanged the lights on the ceiling and hung up the wood in the ceiling.

The most rewarding thing with DIY projects is that the idea is refined. Inspiration lights up and the often little oddly unique idea can actually be a succes!  It is incredible feeling that the vision is suddenly something concretical and outcome can be just the way you had imagined it.

Lamp in the evening light

Iltavalaisussa puun pinta on todella kaunis. Johdot ovat vähän sotkuisia, mutta en halunnut että niitä peitetään.
Hups, se on hieman kallellaan. Emme oikein saaneet puuta suoraan horisontaalisesti, mutta minusta se on vain ihan hauskaa. Lampusta heijastuu illan hämärässä kauniit varjot.

All in all, time used for this project was 4 hours and budget 400 kr = 54 euros.

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