Nyt sit tämä Kiinan tappajavirus on levinnyt Suomeen asti

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Jotkut potilaat "supertartuttajia". Kiinassa yksi ainoa potilas luultavasti tartutti 15 hoitohenkilökuntaan kuuluvaa, vaikuttaa oikeasti huolestuttavalta.

Meanwhile, Yuan Guoyong, a microbiologist with China’s National Health Commission, has told reporters it was possible a super-spreader, a patient who disproportionately infects more secondary contacts than others with the same disease, could be accelerating the spread of the illness.

Yuan said 15 medical workers with the disease in Wuhan had been infected by a single patient, although there was not enough information yet to confirm the existence of a super spreader, he stressed.

Zhong Nanshan, an epidemiologist who heads up the investigation into the outbreak by China’s National Health Commission, stressed blocking the emergence of super-spreaders was “key to controlling the spread of the virus”.

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